A Government held to ransom by fear!


We are living in strange times where Democracy is being thwarted by fear…….fear of reprisal by far right thugs.

It has been claimed Brexit will return our Sovereignty……..we never lost it!

This has always been about racism……..racism dressed up as Sovereignty! Suddenly those who want to Remain are Nazies!……where did that come from?……where did the ugliness come from.

During my lifetime I have never seen or heard such anger, this is not something that has been simmering under the soil for years, it’s a new disease spread by the few to intimidate the many. What used to be discussed in an orderly manner is now played out in abuse and in some cases violence or even death as in the murder of Jo Cox.

……and that anger is spilling out into Parliament for all to see.

This Country is indeed at war…….at war with itself.

This never happened during the Scottish Referendum. Yes there was the odd family argument but they were Political arguments not founded on racism.

Racism is built on the belief that one people are superior to another, sadly that belief still exists within the class system of GB and our Westminster Parliamentary system encourages it.

We are the only Country in the World that still creates Lords and Ladies!…..a system that by its very nature creates division.

The far right call us ‘Nazies’ yet it they who use the Nazi tactics of fear and intimidation. They see being British as being part of the ‘Master Race’

Being European was meant to stop this kind of racism, we were one people and benefited both socially and economically from being so. Being European brought a new freedom……freedom to travel…..to work…to educate…..to be something bigger than little England. Yes it also meant giving up a few things, we had to learn to share.

The EU is not perfect…….is any place?

Bringing Nationalism back into the hands of the few is certainly not going to make us perfect!…..but it will widen the gap between the rich and the poor.

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