Why is it……..?

Why is it that Alex’s through away comment about the Indy Referendum being ‘a once in a generation’ thing is sacrosanct to even Biblical proportions yet any other Politicians can not only say what they want but also make actual promises……then just drop them like a hot potato and no one bats an eye lid?

Is it because in reality loosing Scotland is more important to Westminster than loosing the EU?…….now why would that be? 😂😂😂😂

I listened to the PMs little speech at 10pm last night……delayed slightly because of the footie…..BBC got their priorities right for once! …….her words and in particular her sneer behind them are quite telling at times. ” the Government won”……should she not have said…..the DUP Government won?!…..and I wonder when she will reveal the price tag!

The DUP do not have a mandate to take NI out of Europe……NI voted to Remain……but as we know Power corrupts.

……and don’t be fooled by ‘everything’s on the table’…..Mundell in his usual ham fisted way knocked that one on the head.

The only suggestions the EU will be open to are….No Brexit or Nicolas Deal, because they are the only two that would benefit the EU further than Mays now defunct Deal, but I don’t see Theresa agreeing to either…..her ego would not allow it!

The biggest mistake you can make in life is to keep repeating the mistake….

So remember Scotland your time is coming soon…..very soon!


Party Politics at its worst…..

A few weeks ago 117 Tories voted against their Leader in a Party No Confidence Vote, last night those same people voted against her Deal but tonight they suddenly had confidence in her!…..this is of course code for….we are saving our own jobs and to hell with the country.

We find ourselves in a peculiar position tonight, we are once again ruled again by the DUP with nowhere to go!

Opposition Leaders have been invited to have an audience with Theresa……even the SNP……things must be bad😂😂😂😂. Probably the SNP will ask for an extension and a further Referendum as will the LibDems……but here’s the thing, the DUP have proudly announced they have Theresa “over a barrel ” and even have the audacity to ask for more money!

The clock is ticking ever faster…..no we don’t have just over 2 months before Brexit day, we have 40 working Parliament days! The EU quite rightly want some quick answers because their Elections are due soon. Have we already run out of time? They have made it quite clear, negotiations cannot be reopened.

It’s full steam ahead now in Eire making plans for hard Borders, ie Customs etc.

The likes of Rees-Mogg and Davies play down the problems ahead but there are practicalities to prepare for. If we crash out by default what happens to future Deals….they don’t materialise over night…..even months and when it comes to WTO we are talking years!

Even with Mays now defunct Deal problems would have occurred regarding fresh produce and medicines. New procedures alone will cause huge problems.

When Article 50 was fired nearly 2 years ago I wrote a piece called ‘ A can of worms’….I felt then and have since been proved right that nobody really understood the mammoth task ahead. You can’t untangle something that has been woven into the very fabric of your being for 40years in a few short months, especially when you have no idea what you want to replace it with.

Our Scottish Tory stand in Leader says it’s right for May to soldier on….” you don’t run away when things get tough” he said……I seem to remember Cameron did just that!…..yup….he looked inside the can of worms and ran!

Monday will be the next interesting day, so until then I will put my feet up!

Treading water…..

Today feels like the Country is treading water……no direction but just keeping our heads above water!

Last nights vote narrowed the field of choices but there are a few left, No Deal….No Brexit or ask for an extension of Article 50 or even a complete suspension of it. To me the latter two are a bit of a nonstarter unless she decides on a Second Referendum because negotiations will not be reopened.

I’m not at all convinced about a “People’s Vote” until the parameters are defined…..to me a People’s Vote would be a Second Referendum. I understood…..but could be wrong that the PV was to be on Mays final Deal which is now dead in the water!

As for today…..who knows!

My guess is she will get through a No Confidence Vote because nobody in the Tory Party wants to pick up The poisoned Chalice at this point. Although she has choices they are time limited because of the European Parliament Elections.

I was sitting wondering yesterday how we had got to where we are and obviously my thoughts turned to Theresa May as a Leader!

To be a great Leader of anything or anywhere the first thing you have to accept is you are not infallible. Leadership does not require perfection!…..and anybody who doesn’t understand that will fail.

Everybody makes mistakes but it is how they handle those mistakes that makes or breaks them. Mistakes are only learning tools.

Having made a mistake a little humility is required, the PM lacks the most basic tools of Leadership. Compassion and humility are not things to be seen in Theresa May….only anger to the point where it oozes out of her pores!…..you can feel it….you can smell it!

If today’s gossip is to be believed she has already deleted Corbyn from any cross party talks…….so much for reaching out……she can’t……she is incapable of such a gesture…..and as for the SNP taking Independence off the table….it’s not actually on the table yet and is not directly linked…….but it may become a consequence of.

Who knows, Political days can be long…..but I still believe in miracles!

Respect is a two way thing…..

TM proclaims we should respect the Referendum result by accepting her Deal……where is her respect for the people of this Country?

Did the Government respect us when they fed us a daily diet of lies regarding the EU?

Did they respect us when they allowed those who lied and cheated to go unpunished?

Does the PM respect us or Parliament when she misleads on a daily basis?

Does the PM respect our intelligence when she tries to rewrite history?

Does this Government respect humanity when they allow so many to die whilst awaiting Benefits?

Does this Government respect humanity when it changes the definition of Poverty to show them in a better light?

Does this Government live up to the Covenant made to ex service personal by forcing many to sleep in the streets?

……there is no end to the list of disrespectful Policies that have been made to the people she now demands respect from!

2 types of Democracy…….

There appears to be two different types of Democracy floating around these days….Mays type and what you and I believe Democracy to be.

It is therefore incumbent upon our Honourable Members to sink Mays type once and for all, because a Deal forced upon Members through bribes and coercion is not Democracy.

Neither was a vote built on lies, threats and fraudulent cash spending.

When the PM says the “Country will never forgive” she is trying to give you the impression that everyone but you wants to Leave!……it’s the royal ‘We’ in action.

Certain words also bring drama to the situation, like ‘catastrophic ‘….like end of the world catastrophic!…..well maybe for the Tory Party but we will survive….just!

There are rumours…..as there always is!…..that she may ask for a delay and the EUs response is….only if there’s to be a 2nd Referendum!……I can go with that although I would prefer to ditch the whole sorry mess.

If her Deal fails and it will she will blame us…..anybody but herself and her red lines, which incidentally are now just a blur in the sand walked and trampled on by the EU.

So what is Democracy?

Is it promises made with no intention to carry them through?

Is it Vote rigging…..with over 1 million Postal Votes missing?

Is it deliberately giving out false information….the bus!

Is it spending copious amounts of cash on a campaign….then trying to hide the fact?

Is it using private Data to target groups?

Is it using Foreign companies to gather that Data?

What we do not expect when we make a Democratic vote is to be spoon fed disinformation!…..yet that is what we get time after time and nobody is held accountable.

In short the British People no longer believe in Democracy …..the trust has already gone and once gone is very difficult to regain!

Perhaps another Referendum would restore it slightly because we are better informed now……we know exactly what we would be voting for!

A Government held to ransom by fear!


We are living in strange times where Democracy is being thwarted by fear…….fear of reprisal by far right thugs.

It has been claimed Brexit will return our Sovereignty……..we never lost it!

This has always been about racism……..racism dressed up as Sovereignty! Suddenly those who want to Remain are Nazies!……where did that come from?……where did the ugliness come from.

During my lifetime I have never seen or heard such anger, this is not something that has been simmering under the soil for years, it’s a new disease spread by the few to intimidate the many. What used to be discussed in an orderly manner is now played out in abuse and in some cases violence or even death as in the murder of Jo Cox.

……and that anger is spilling out into Parliament for all to see.

This Country is indeed at war…….at war with itself.

This never happened during the Scottish Referendum. Yes there was the odd family argument but they were Political arguments not founded on racism.

Racism is built on the belief that one people are superior to another, sadly that belief still exists within the class system of GB and our Westminster Parliamentary system encourages it.

We are the only Country in the World that still creates Lords and Ladies!…..a system that by its very nature creates division.

The far right call us ‘Nazies’ yet it they who use the Nazi tactics of fear and intimidation. They see being British as being part of the ‘Master Race’

Being European was meant to stop this kind of racism, we were one people and benefited both socially and economically from being so. Being European brought a new freedom……freedom to travel…..to work…to educate…..to be something bigger than little England. Yes it also meant giving up a few things, we had to learn to share.

The EU is not perfect…….is any place?

Bringing Nationalism back into the hands of the few is certainly not going to make us perfect!…..but it will widen the gap between the rich and the poor.

No ‘Data’ breach…….!

This was an interesting phrase that popped up from the Holyrood Civil Service Office regarding the AS leak.

…..and I’m sure it’s true given that any Data breach could be traced.

When Tories use specific words or phrases it’s usually done so to hide something else!

Data is distinct pieces of information, usually formatted in a special way. … Since the mid-1900s, people have used the word data to mean computer information that is transmitted or stored. Strictly speaking, data is the plural of datum, a single piece of information.

……in other words the information given to the Record was not shared by computers……but as I said it wouldn’t have been the case anyway. That only leaves a couple of other scenarios. Verbatim or handwritten!……my guess is the former…..so yes a full enquiry under caution should take place, after all it is a crime to pass on confidential information from a Civil Service Office.

Let’s also look at the word ‘Harassment’ seen as the word has been bandied around by the press.

If someone is abusing, insulting, or otherwise harming you on a regular basis, it’s called harassment. Cruel and usually really annoying, harassment is also illegal in some cases. Harassment is a word that describes any kind of ongoing torment.

Given the torrid sleazy account in the Record, and let’s face it the Record has a record for this kind of reporting !…..the account of the so called incident…..note I said incident (singular), the word ‘Harassment’ doesn’t quite fit the bill.

The whole thing stinks and has The Establishments sticky fingers all over it. Like the evidence against Government regarding the David Kelly cover up, Alex will I am sure be asking other key questions regarding this travesty of Justice.

A deflection yes….but one worth keeping an eye on!

When imaginations run riot……

You can tell when journalists are getting board with Brexit, like a dog with a stick their legs run riot.

Today we have a “war” between Alex and Nicola……..they wish!

Just because Nicola has to apologise when her Senior Civil Servants get it wrong does not mean she hates Alex.

Nicola has a public face and a private one, there are things she must be seen to be doing and she as First Minister rightly apologised to those who were let down, of course until we actually see the hard evidence no one can make any judgements.

In this particular case the connection between the SNP and the Civil Servant side of the Scottish Government is a very thin line…..Nicola wisely kept out of it.

The Media are running amok with the notion that the Civil Service is indeed the SNP and run by Nicola, many will believe it because they want to believe but their actual knowledge is scarce to say the least.

Journalists these days are hand fed by the Government, their job is to smear…distract and feed the minions with as much mulch as possible.

A few migrants crossing the Channel becomes a National crisis and the Navy is rolled out but the deal signed with the UN regarding African Refugees goes unpublished. The PM thinks we are so wrapped up with Brexit we won’t notice other World News.

Christians are burned and beheaded…..but we mustn’t hurt the feelings of the aggressors.

Here in Scotland we have Leonard trying to drum up a protest at Glasgow Central, I can’t quite find words to describe this man. I suppose when it comes to Devolved matters the word is “clueless ” and when it comes to stage managed events it becomes “comical “! He might however find his place in a Pantomime.

Is this really the best Labour can do in Scotland?

Pulling up the Drawbridge……

Apparently we are not afraid to ‘ go it alone’…..really?

Can you imagine the response if the U.K. pulled up the drawbridge, refused to pay its debts and said….’we’ll go it alone’. Not only the response of our citizens but also that of other Countries!

Yet that is what is being suggested by some Tories. It won’t of course happen but it shows the kind of thinking that is within the minds of those that govern us. Then on the other hand we have men with the intellect of a peanut like Grayling.

Panic never brings the best out of people, instant solutions are sought for long term problems.

Like most people I accepted the outcome of the Referendum but what happened after that was criminal negligence.

Article 50 was fired off with no thought of what we wanted and no knowledge of how to get there! No one understood the process, in many ways they still don’t.

The reason Theresa always sticks to the same mantra no matter the question asked is because she has no answers…..she still hasn’t a clue. Just focus on one thing , stare into the abyss seems to be her strategy. The problem is too big or at least it has become too big because of their incompetence. The mountain had become too big to climb….to many cliffs of our own making.

All this however does not justify ‘ pulling up the drawbridge ‘.

No Country in this modern age can survive on its own nor should it want to. For 40yrs we have been part of the European family, it wasn’t perfect, but what family is?….but we were part of something…..something big and we and our children gained so much.

Italy has just announced U.K. citizens will still enjoy all the privileges it had pre Brexit, why can’t we do the same at least for those already living and working here? This Settled Status Policy will only serve to work against us.

Why is the Government so short sighted?

The Scottish quest for Independence is not rooted in the same motives nor would a Deal be so complicated as Theresa suggests. Her arguments not only betray her motives they continue to show her ignorance.

Are we really meant to believe they would stop using our oil…our water…our electricity not to mention stop drinking Whisky!

New Year……same old……

According to King Fluffy our New Years Resolution should be one of compromise and supporting something that will be disastrous for the Country!

They are putting forward two options……the PMs Deal which incidentally will scupper any future Deals with the USA…( a positive in my mind!), or the threat of. No Deal.

They ask for “unity” but show no sign of it within their own Party. The PM continues to mislead by saying she is still talking to EU Leaders yet they are adamant….’ no future talks’.

People with certain Personality Disorders have one thing in common……they actually believe what they say, and said often enough becomes the absolute truth……except it doesn’t!

The Tory Party are stuck in the past, they forget everything they do and say will be quickly scrutinised on the Web. The Ferry contact being a prime example……and the deeper we looked the more horrendous it became. Due diligence was found wanting!

We have sadly come to the stage in Politics where Trust has completely vanished and every word or action is looked upon with suspicion.

The Drones over Gatwick are no more…….the few asylum seekers become a National crisis…..anything to distract from the realities of the present moment.

We are a Country at sea being buffeted by the storm with no anchor……we are the laughing stock of the World……the Great has been cancelled.

It may not be a Leap Year but a leap into the dark we are about to take. Will we survive?……Yes we will, but surely in this asset rich Nation in this Century, survival is not a word we should be using…..especially not in Scotland!

It’s time for Scotland to realise that no matter which way we vote in any U.K. Election we will NOT be represented in the way that we should…….mathematically it is impossible ……the system does not work for Scotland.

I therefore have a question……if the Act of Union supersedes all other Acts why don’t we use it?