Feeding the frenzy……

Remember the saying, ‘ you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink’, this reminds me of so many anti EU people. No matter how much you present them with the truth they refuse to believe it and please don’t ever ask them to actually dig for the truth……much easier just to follow blindly into the abyss.

This came up on my FB this morning…..

If this were true how come they don’t subsidise our Pension?

Just because someone puts a bold message up like this does not make it true!

You may think it justifies your position but without scrutiny it doesn’t.

So let’s look a wee bit closer at how some EU Countries Finance OA Pensions.


At the moment Italians actually pay 33% of their wages into the system , the Government , not the EU subsidises the rest.



The fact is neither we or the EU subsidies OA Pensions in Individual Countries, we do however subsidise projects that allow people to pay into their own Pension Fund and we do help pay for the large amount of Eurocrats like MEPs etc……maybe it is this latter number that needs to be streamlined a bit!

Getting back to my main message though, people believe what they want to if it feeds into their agenda and Politicians are no different in fact they are worse because their agenda can much more sinister. They feed the masses and the majority of the public are not willing to seek the truth, they see a tiny problem on their doorstep and blame the EU for everything when in fact the problem usually lies with Government Policy or even Local Government Policy.

It’s much easier to blame the ‘foreigners ‘ than seek the truth.

The Government relies on peoples ignorance to win the day……and when it comes to Pensions we really should be asking the right questions.


If your going to lie, make sure you’re a good liar!

Politicians are not good liars but Jo Swinson really takes the biscuit!

Today’s clanger was to say Jeremy Corbyn did NOT campaign to Remain during the EU Referendum……the trouble with that is there are hundreds of videos showing he did!

He only changed because of the outcome of the Referendum.

Brexit has become the impossible dream for so many because the proper question wasn’t asked and the proper information was not given out……why?

It was an In or Out discussion with very little in between. Not many really understood how instringently linked we are to the EU. People voted for their own areas problems mostly to do with Immigration. They had no idea about the everyday links to the EU, from getting up in the morning and turning the taps on to the short life medicines that enter our Country on a daily basis.

Nothing was mentioned because our Government took everything for granted, it would be tick box exercise…….a copy and paste job.

How can a Government be so ill informed about the most important relationship it has to any Partner. No one seemed to know the rules…..no one had a clue and today that farce continues.

Boris like May produces a letter sent to the EU Leaders ahead of a visit only to be slapped down before he even gets there!…..why make such an idiot of ones self?

Was he trying to be macho?……the big I am….you will listen to me……not!

He will limp back to this Country blaming everyone else, but we won’t buy it because anything built on lies eventually falls flat at your feet….and there was no bigger lie than Brexit.

My recent illness in Hospital has put me off Chicken for life, just as well with Trump wanting to do away with so many Food related Laws and labelling we won’t actually know which is British and which is American Chicken!

Hope I haven’t put you off your teas!

Just how far will Ruth crawl?…..

It seems the bottom of the pit has not been reached yet!


In her desperate scramble to achieve acceptance again Ruth has lost all credibility and taken the rest of her MPs down with her.

That’s the problem with ‘career’ Politicians…..it’s their job at any price!

Ruth the Chameleon.

…..but then selling ones soul seems to be a common trait with the Tories..


Scotland really does need to get out of the grubby Politics of Westminster. If or when we become Independent all Political Parties must be registered in Scotland to serve Scotland and Scotland alone.

However I denounce anyone who says the English are our enemies, they are not. 99% of my relatives and friends are English and I love them with every part of my being. Our argument is with Westminster Politicians and they alone.

I disassociate myself with any part of the YES movement that says otherwise.

Independence is not about taking anything away from England it’s about self determination and self worth. It’s about making decisions that are right for the path we wish to walk which happens to be different than England……that should not put us at war with each other.

I hope I am not being naive but I don’t see why walking a different path should cause such animosity…….only a Country with so much to hide would make it so!

So let’s keep our heads and sense of balance as the debate starts to hot up but above all separate the people from Politicians!

How much is a lie worth these days?…….

Well they are certainly reeling them out….

….she also asks if the EU would really want a “bit” of a Country😂😂😂😂😂

The other groupie they rolled out was dear old Gordon Brown with his Federalism idea again……you know the option we were promised within months if we voted No!…..I’m still waiting 😂😂

I suppose desperate times means desperate measures…….but really is this the best they can do!

However it’s not just the oldies who love to lie, our present Ministers are also at it but we’re thankfully challenged….


They are obviously convinced that Headlines are worth the risk when in reality they just end up looking very stupid and dishonest.

Brexit still rolls on….

Will we…..won’t we?

No Deal preparations take off as do Court Cases!

Maybe I should start reading the Tarot Cards because I honestly haven’t a clue what will happen!

Should I stock up on the Baked Beans and Hienz Tomato Soup again?😂😂


When something goes wrong, who is responsible?

We are very good at immediately pointing the finger at the person at the top of the tree but is it always right to do so?

Whilst it is true that the Brexit mess is mainly down to the decisions made by our previous 2 Prime Ministers plus our current one, our MPs are also to blame for putting Party Politics above all else.

However there are issues nearer to home where the finger of blame is being misplaced, I say this not just because it is the SNP Health Minister in the firing line but because this blame game is just Political and not remotely credible.

The story of the Children’s Hospital in Edinburgh if you are to believe The Hreald is well and truly Freeman’s blame……is it?

Is she an engineer……is she an architect…..is she a builder?

Is it even the Health Authorities blame?

Ministers take the best advice they can as do Health Authorities , they have to trust someone!

So if there turns out to be a design fault as there was also at the QEUH then surely common sense says the designers are at fault, if the contractors noted the fault they to should be held to account for not flagging it up.

We need to start holding those responsible to account and make them pay for their mistakes and stop making it Political. It was a Labour Council who had the QEUH built but they were not to blame for the subsequent problems, so Labour should stop blaming the current Health Minister.

I read somewhere that it was the same contractor for both Hospitals……perhaps next time one should think again.

The Herald story however is 90 % fantasy……but then it is the Herald!

Accountability is always necessary but also is a bit of honesty, although I know that doesn’t make good Politics.

Golden handshakes…..


I don’t know about you but I find it most disgusting that we actually give huge handouts to people who get the sack!

It’s like getting a bonus for not being able to do your job or messing up……but I suppose in all fairness most MPs fit into that category anyway😂

I have talked about the lack of Truth the lack of Common sense, today my thoughts turn to the lack of Responsibility.

Today’s Media is full of…..”it’s the EUs fault”…..because every member of this hair brain Government says so!

…..but then it never could be Britain’s fault could it……we are British…..we can do no wrong!…….can’t we?……haven’t we?

How dare the EU say NO to us?

……well quite easily actually. We chose to leave the family…..we chose a PM who signed a crazy Deal without first asking Parliament…..our former PM put in the Backstop…..our former PM chose Her redlines .

Did anyone in their right mind ever believe the EU would not come out on top?……1 into 26 just didn’t go! It’s called bargaining not bullying.

Our belligerence has brought us to this point, a new PM might have chose a less confrontational road but not Boris the man who was going to look them in the eye…..but hasn’t 😂😂. Instead he stands behind the barricades shouting “the EU are to blame”……..well done Boris, your charm continues to work well…..not!

As the responsibility for where we are now is fobbed off onto others Boris has found a new Money Tree……..his notion is money is the answer to everything. Millions will pour into our laps, from where I no not but I do know we will end up paying dearly for it one way or another.

Never trust strangers baring gifts…..and there no one stranger than Boris!

Common sense…..

Sometimes I receive compliments about the content of my blog, yesterday was such a day!

I was congratulated for my common sense which left a smile on my face, but it got me thinking. Does “common sense” come with age and experience, is it something we learn or something we are taught?

Yesterday I wrote about the absence of Truth…..is there also an absence of ‘Common sense’?

Common sense is sound practical judgment concerning everyday matters, or a basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge that is shared by nearly all people. The first type of common sense, good sense, can be described as “the knack for seeing things as they are, and doing things as they ought to be done.” Wikipedia

…..according to Wikipedia ‘Common Sense’ is shared by nearly all people yet looking at Britain today I would have to question that or does it not apply to Politicians?

When does Common Sense fly out of the window?…..my answer to that would be when motives change. Selfishness and greed of the few overrides what is good for the people.

People become the commodity of the rich to do their bidding be it through Taxation or just hard graft.

The SNP Government are aspiring to follow the Economical path of New Zealand where the Wellbeing of the Nation comes before the importance of GDP. The Wellbeing of any Nation shows how truly rich it is……that is Common sense!

Age does have some advantage when it comes to Common sense, have we not seen it all…..done it all? We should however not assume we are the only ones to possess this gift, our young people are very savvy with today’s Global problems and thankfully also very vocal😂

When it comes to the future of our Country there should be no generation gaps, we all, between us possess all the Common sense required to take this Country forward and unlock the potential within it.

People make Scotland.

With the absence of Truth, who do we believe?

Truth is a strange thing because everybody’s truth is different, we all see what we want to see. If something makes us uncomfortable we tend not to delve too closely and yet we should, how else can we correct our errors?

Having been away convalescing and having had many conversations with my friend Jan about the state this Country as a whole is in regarding honesty and morality I find myself wondering where ‘Truth’ can be found.

Have we as a Nation really gone so far down the slippery slope that nothing matters anymore? The word ‘commitment ‘ is scarcely used because it doesn’t exist especially in the workplace and don’t even mention marriage!

Everything is geared towards convenience, the food we eat, the jobs we do as we jump from one to another and then there’s Politics and Politicians.

Political fence jumping seems to be the done thing these days….whatever is convenient at the time. The LibDems are still hankering to jump into bed with the Remain Tories, they never learn, I have a problem with Political Parties who claim to be middle of the road but who are in fact blighted by their own feelings of superiority to the point of jumping under the bed covers with the Tories….again!

It is not only morale that is low amongst Politicians but also morality. Boris seems to think his morality has nothing to do with his ability to do the job…….really?……whatever happened to ‘pillars of society’ and setting examples?…..maybe I’m just too old but somethings must surely matter or are we truly on the road to Hell both metaphorically and in reality.

So, where do we find the Truth?……well not from the Media!

Facts are not hard to find, a little research goes a long way!

Keep digging and informing others…..how else will they know?

Lies deny us choices….

Being in hospital attached to a drip has a way of focusing the mind….well it did after I started to improve!

I read somewhere that Boris had said that telling a few lies was acceptable and everyone knew that Politicians lie anyway! After mulling those words over for a few days my reaction was…..really!!

That was my idealist side!……now I am a bit more realistic.

Do all lies matter?

Probably not all but for me it’s not just the substance of the lie but what lies do and what they say about the person who habitually tells them. Lies deny us choices because we don’t know what to do with them, we can’t make plans according to a lie because lies are not facts.

If the Government was to produce a document saying for instance what types of food will be in short supply that information gives me a choice, I can either plan and stock up or I can decide to go with the flow and take my luck……but it’s my choice.

Lies are like standing on quicksand, the ground is constantly moving, so when we have a habitual liar in charge we know we are on dangerous ground. The riots have already started in London, Downing St is in lockdown!

Every clue so far in the choosing of his new Cabinet is that Oct 31st looks ever more likely as Brexit Day…….Brexit Party number 2 is firmly in charge….led by Cummings!

Our new PMs first big lie came in his first statement was…..”I want a Deal, I really do”……no he doesn’t because if he were to….which he won’t…..get a new Deal with the EU, Trump would not Trade with us and that is BoJos dearest wish.

We also have a knew Secretary for Scotland who complained that during the Proms relayed to Glasgow we didn’t get the chance to sing…..”Land of Hope and Glory”……

God help us!

Remember when Britain conquered America……….?

History has a habit of repeating itself but in this case it’s about to do a complete U-Turn!


We all know by now how Boris is Trumps number one foot soldier, he positively fawns over the man, this being the case I guess we won’t be getting our Sovereignty back anytime soon……not that we ever lost it.

The fact is everything we think were going to get back we are actually going to lose again and much more.

There is safety in numbers and that’s exactly what we have within the EU.

The EU is far from perfect but then neither is Westminster or the US Government, in fact one would be hard pressed to name a Country that is, but there are a few that at least strive to be the best.

Boris and Hunt for that matter forget that when it comes to buying and selling it’s the big guys who set the terms not the little fish!…….so nothing will be cheaper and every deal will come with caveats.

The use of statistics and graphs…..

Statistics and graphs are only useful when applied to the actual information on that graph or table, when you try to use one set of figures to prove an entirely different scenario you only end up showing your ignorance. It is the same with all methodologies, you cannot for instance contrast the voting in of the next PM with that of voting in the First Minister…..the systems are completely different up here…..trying to grab cheap headlines just makes you look…….cheap!

The long memory of Twitter.

There are a few Scottish Tory MPs who are making a bit of a twit of themselves these days, I have no doubt someone somewhere will be neatly putting some of the more absurd ones away in a folder to be used sometime in the not too distant future😂

…..but to say Ruth has lost her influence over these people is more than obvious, power gone is seldom regained.

Lastly a note to my critics…..